Customer Service Fanatic


Ayla is the head photographer at 35 Film Foundry Photography. When you contact us either via email or phone she will, more often than not, be the person you speak  with. Her goal is to mix her traditional studio background with a flare of creative and fashion.


Photoshop and Tech Guru

John is the man behind the madness here at 35 Film Foundry Photography. He researches all of our gear and does the Photoshop work everyone else can’t. Although he can be quiet at times he gets the most organic images. Images that no one could resist.


The Details

Session times

35 Film Foundry Photography specializes in shooting on location with natural lighting.  We like using natural light as a base for our images.  We believe that you need to understand natural light in order to add additional light in an artistic and creative way that works.  You need to know the rules in order to break the rules right?  It is all about getting the shot, and we are all about breaking rules if needed!  Okay well, maybe not major ones.  We try to shoot around the golden hour, early in the morning or late in the evening.  We prefer the evening because we get to start with beautiful light from the sunset.  As the sun goes down and we run out of light, we can still create awesome images by adding our own light.  We try to stay away from sessions in the afternoon, between 11 am and 2 pm, when shadows cast by the sun are harshest.  Sometimes this cannot be avoided, but you will always receive the best work we can provide.


What makes us different

We are crazy creative… or maybe just crazy? We do not just specialize in children, or weddings. We love to follow our guests year after year, capturing images that will tell a story for generations to come. We understand that you want a photographer you know and trust. By specializing in people, we can be that photographer.